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Your independent advisor maximising the value of ServiceNow and supporting technologies.

Digital capability iconMost businesses focus on building more and new digital capability – buying new solutions, subscribing to new Saas offerings, rolling out more mobile devices, etc.  If your core IT service management isn’t rock solid, all you are doing is amplifying your inefficiencies.  If a new product generates a heap of calls to your service desk and your service desk is inefficient, all you get is a cost blow out and a heap of angry customers.

If you already have ServiceNow, entrago can help you get the most out of it.  Optimise your service delivery, improve your asset management, manage risk, security and compliance as it applies to the people in your business and more clearly understand your actual service costs.  We can give you a roadmap of how to mature your service delivery quickly and efficiently, so you can keep your customers happy, improve your cost position and significantly reduce your risk position.

entrago is a leading independent strategic consultancy specialising in advisory for ServiceNow and supporting technologies 

Our Focus

Entrago’s focus is to optimise the value of your current IT investment. We work with some of Australia’s largest organisations as well as provide specialised services across a diverse range of industry sectors.


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Entrago using Nexthink can set you on this path to reframe your IT service business around the customer and their experience. Nexthink collects data on end user devices and can store and compare performance across your fleet. The digital experience score measures the overall performance which is benchmarked.

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ServiceNow uses real world data in real time to capture or control other systems, embed AI in the analytics of that data capture, and process it into workflows. This provides next level ability to manage field services, risk, OH&S, service management, asset management, fleet management and any number of applications where you need a real world solution to a complex problem. Entrago can set up these solutions for you and deliver cutting edge solutions to manage complex service and risk challenges.

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Taking the user experience of your staff and making it central to how you operate refocuses your business on what is important and allows you to set, meet and then exceed customer targets.