Orchestration is the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of computer systems, middleware, and services.  In other words, it’s about automation.

One of the common orchestrations we at entrago have implemented is the Add New User process.  In simple terms the process works like this:

  • The requestor completes a form to request a new user
  • Someone completes an authorisation
  • The new user is automatically created (in ServiceNow and Active Directory or elsewhere)
  • The new user and requestor are advised that the work is complete

There are a range of common requests which can be automated via orchestration.  Password reset, changes to group membership, and requesting software are commonly orchestrated.  By automating these common requests, companies can ensure that all process steps are completed correctly each time, and the end users can be provided with additional information such as links to user guides or knowledge articles.

The benefit of automating these common processes, is the people who would normally complete these requests are freed up to complete other tasks, such as improvements and upgrades.

If you have been wanting to automate some of your common processes, please get in touch and let’s get orchestrating together!