entrago has developed an application to help organisations capture and manage their Business Continuity Plan(s) in ServiceNow. The application is designed to be installed easily into your existing ServiceNow without making modifications to your existing instance tables. The solution is designed to link to your existing structures used (such as CMDB, assets and company structure) to allow for quick implementation. 

The Business Contininity Plan management application easily installs on any exisitng ITSM implemenetation and uses the existing data to enable the following features:-

  1. Capture your business processes, indicate which are most vulnerable. Record the impact if they were unavailable for an hour, a day, a week or a month. This becomes your business impact analysis
  2. Identify the skill sets and number of people that would be required to maintain each business-critical processes
  3. Set out dependencies between business process , critical assets, critical staff and critical applications
  4. Store acceptable downtime, lower service level thresholds and alternate security controls for each critical function
  5. Capture (via knowledge) how each critical business process will be maintained, and tasks to maintain associated with each business process.

The solution is simply plug and play and can enable organisations to start storing and documenting their plan within minutes. 

Download the app today

You can download the application from the store today. Please contact us if you’d like more information, at [email protected].