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by | Mar 4, 2019 | Features

ServiceNow introduced the Automated Test Framework (ATF) in part to simplify their own comprehensive testing which is required for every ServiceNow upgrade.  

At entrago, we recommend that you utilise ATF as you are building new forms and applications as you can quickly tell that any changes are working as expected, without having to manually type in data.  This is a great timesaver.

The range of tests completed after an upgrade can expand to include every form.  Tests can be set up to pass or fail depending on your requirements. The tests can also confirm that applications are available to the roles you were expecting, thereby testing the ACLs are still working as expected.

Diana Gaskin from entrago recently completed a range of ATF test scenarios at a manufacturing company in Brisbane.  The tests were used following an upgrade to London, and ensured that a range of complex forms could all be tested in a short period of time.  The tests were documented by Rochelle McCullough together with a test plan for use by the customer.

A number of tests have been added by ServiceNow with the Madrid release.  These tests can be modified to suit your own instance and process requirements. The tests start with impersonating a user of your choice.  At the end of the test, the record is automatically deleted, however screenshots are captured as well as the actual test results.

ServiceNow don’t recommend running ATF tests in production.  Consider what would happen if you tested the P1 incident process, sent out text messages to senior management, and then the incident record could not be found.  That could cause a lot of confusion. After completing tests in Development and Test environments, that should be enough. We recommend just completing some post verification testing manually in Production.

We recommend installing the ATF before your next ServiceNow upgrade.  The time and money spent doing this will pay for itself as future upgrades will require less time and people to complete them.  The majority of organisations would complete ATF testing using just one person over one to two days. By comparison, some large organisations can have a team of 10 people completing manual testing over a two week period.

If you are interested in adding ATF to your ServiceNow environment, please contact us now.

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