Beyond IT Asset Management

by | Aug 11, 2021 | News

ServiceNow’s Asset Management functionality is well established for the management of IT assets. If you want to manage the ownership of your laptops, servers and licensing, the functionality is right there, ready to go out of the box. But, what about those assets that don’t really fit in the IT space?

We were recently approached by an organisation in the financial services space to develop a solution for managing the allocation of their physical security assets such as door keys, cash tin keys and security keys. The Asset Management framework in ServiceNow is well suited to solve this problem.

There are four pre-existing components that we can leverage to enable our solution to work. 

  • Firstly, we have the Location (or Office) that provides a context for all of the transactions and assets to be contained in. 
  • Each office will contain a Key Repository to hold any keys that are currently unallocated. This will correspond to ServiceNow’s stockroom. When we deploy the solution we can script the creation of Key Repository stockrooms and we can add functionality to ensure that a new Key Repository is created whenever a new location is set up.
  • Asset Models will essentially correspond to a particular door or lock. This means that we can perform functions across multiple locks or a specific one. For example, we could ensure that a user is only allocated a single key for a lock, or we could have a list of all of the keys for an office that would need to be assigned to a new employee. We could also manage the replacement of keys across the office when a particular lock is changed or generate a report to identify who has a key to a particular door in the event of a security breach.
  • Finally, there is the asset itself that will correspond to the physical item. It can be assigned to the Location and categorised with the Asset Model. It can be held in the Key Repository or assigned to a staff member. It can even be retired when the locks are changed. 
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Once the framework is configured it is then just a matter of configuring the processes that will allow the security assets to be assigned, recalled and retired. This can be managed using request items through the Service Portal to ensure that the solution does not incur licensing costs outside of approvals. Each organisation will have variations in the governance around allocating security assets however these can be automated to ensure that all requirements are met in a seamless manner.

Finally, ServiceNow’s reporting functionality allows us to give Office Managers and Security Departments a real-time overview of the allocation and availability of all security assets for an office.

While this is a solution specifically focussed on security assets the principals involved are easily translatable to other types of asset. Whether you need to manage the deployment and allocation of fleet vehicles, office furniture or uniforms, ServiceNow Asset Management can be configured to meet your particular requirements.

by Ben Smith, Technical Consultant

“Ben is a seasoned IT professional with a passion for producing quality solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. He has experience in analysis and development in a range of industries. Ben has delivered complex solutions in both portal and backend environments within the platform.”

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