Racing Team

The Brisbane Cycling Club (BNECC) race team is an East Brisbane-based club focused on providing support for all members who have a passion for all things cycling and racing.

Established in 2018, the Brisbane Cycling Club (BNECC) Race Team provides an opportunity for club members of all levels to experience a team environment where they can develop their race craft, fitness and love of the sport. The BNECC supports over 180 club members and focuses on events that cater for Men’s Elite B/C/Masters and Women’s B/C/D grade riders.

The concept of a club-based race team is a relatively new concept in Queensland where club members, regardless of what grade they race, can be part of a well-supported team.

Racing Culture

BNECC maintains a culture and people to make the racing club a great success, and also enhance what is already a great racing culture in the club with the following offerings:


  • A supportive team environment led by the race team leadership group;
  • Access to experienced coaches and racers;
  • Progression and development in racing skills, confidence and fitness through participation in a variety of local and open events; and
  • Race planning/logistics support.

Team entrago's successful weekend placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd in general classification as well as winning the team classification at QRTS

The entrago racing team participated and successfully won multiple divisions in the Queensland Road Team Series (QRTS) sponsored by Gympie Regional Council and hosted by AusCycling QLD.

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The race report outlines the entrago racing team as winners for team classification last weekend as well as coming first, second and third in General Classification.

This tremendous success would not be possible without the efforts of the entrago team: Werner van der Merwe, Kyle Godson, Nick Bladen, Ben Pegard, Brett Lutze, and Adam Clark.

Stage 2 VeloClimb (race report written by Brett Lutze)

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“It was tough getting out on the bike for the VeloClimb on Saturday afternoon (25/09/21) after having put our feet up in the aircon watching movies and relaxing after a hard, hot, hilly, road race. Adam Clark and I volunteered for the sprint climb so to leave the other guys fresh for the next days time trials.”

At 4:30pm, the team arrived at the Hilltop Pub where they were welcomed by loud music, other competitors, as well as a wave of spectators, setting the racing atmosphere.

“(The) 1st round was 2 riders against each other. Adam and I won our heats and went through to the next round. Round 2 saw three riders battling it out and Adam made it through to the finals. I spent my bikkies early and was overtaken but it was still a close finish.”

Round 3 began with four competitors, where entrago racer, Adam Clark came last for a grass podium.

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Stage 3 Team Time Trial (race report written by Nick Bladen)

“Fresh from the Hill Sprint the night before, Brett and Adam were roaring to go in the Team Time Trial. The TTT was Race 3 for the weekend and with only the Crit to follow, it would ultimately decide the podium and Group Champion for the series to date.”

The 27km winding and hilly course for the Team Time Trial was not the only challenge that the team had to encounter. It was ensuring that the team stayed together through the course, with their fastest 3 rider duration being counted for the competition.

“The team set off with 6, hopeful that the unfortunate team members with only a big chain ring could stay the course. However, 6 soon turned to 4.”

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Throughout the race, the team rode 40km chasing the group in the Road Race due to an unfortunate dropped chain.

“Nick (Bladen) had little left to give but hung in there as Ben (Pegard) and Werner (van der Merwe) pulled the Entrago train up the big climb after the turn around point. Kyle (Godson) kept the team working well together and pulled strong turns on the lumpy run home ensuring no one had anything left in the tank.”

Though it was disorderly, the team felt as though the whole race sped by. Forty-one minutes and fifteen seconds later, team entrago had moved into 1st Place being one minute and twelve seconds ahead of the next closest team.

“All that was left to do now was to ensure everyone stayed upright in the Crit and retain the leader’s jersey for Werner. This meant winning the team for Entrago and securing the sprinter’s jersey for Kyle.”

The successful pursuit placed Team Entrago excellently to head into the third round of the QRTS in a few weeks time.

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