Frankenstein IT

by | May 6, 2019 | Features

So you are about to merge with another organisation…

When businesses merge there is often a lot of talk about ‘synergy’ and the cost benefits that can be gained from shared systems and streamlined work practices.  The unfortunate reality is a lot different.

Frankenstein IT is where there are bits of old systems cobbled together with questionable interfaces, or where different parts of the business use different systems for the same function, or there just isn’t consistency in how things are managed.

We see with many of our clients, ongoing vestiges of poorly managed amalgamations or mergers, even many years after the event.  This Frankenstein IT represents years worth of lost efficiencies, often because the technology integration was done poorly at the time, or not done at all and there was never any budget to come back and fix it up later.

Where it often comes unstuck is with the basics.  Insufficient due diligence and insufficient planning.  Which means that a complete view is not properly gathered on the target’s IT solutions.  Without a complete view, the plan will always be short of requirement and then, with a hasty implementation and no time or budget for culture change along the way, the end result is even less again.  And that is before we even talk about the end user experience and the nightmare that comes from having different people on different technology standards and process expectations, now working together and expecting a new but consistent approach to technology.

The key is to use modern tools that not only tell you exactly what is happening with technology, but that frames it from the perspective of the user.  Because at the end of the day, that is the perspective that matters.

At entrago, we deploy Nexthink onto the target systems.  That way we can see exactly what is happening on every device.  We don’t have to rely on out of date data, we capture the reality in real time and use that as the basis of planning and decision making.  This gives us unparalleled data for end user due diligence – every PC, every laptop, every Mac, every system, every version, every patch level, all of it.

Planning for transition needs to then be built not just around moving data sets, but around setting new operational expectations and deploying an interactive engagement toolset that monitors and manages the new policies and procedures.  This means seeking to normalise and standardise technology as quickly as possible. Nexthink provides ongoing real time data throughout the transition to monitor what is actually happening, rather than just what was planned. This means that as systems are migrated out or replaced, you can readily track what is happening and provide regular notifications and support to individuals as they learn the new ways.

This focus on better due diligence, smarter planning and real-time monitoring during transition, is the key to avoiding the expensive Frankenstein IT situation.

If you are about to embark on a merger, contact entrago.  We can work with you to merge your IT businesses quickly and effectively.  The due diligence can generally be done in less than a week, even for very large organisations.

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