IoT and Analytics

Getting real-time results via Internet of Things

How do you manage your organisation’s assets?

Managing your IT assets is one thing, but being able to manage your entire organisations assets takes a broader capability.

 Connecting IoT & Analytics

You can have great plans and schedules, but may rely on people & remote systems to actually do your work. And how do you know what actually happens? How much was actually used? Where exactly are the company vehicles? Is the gearbox pressure elevated suggesting you need a service. What if the system isn’t behaving as planned, or your people aren’t sticking to OH&S guidelines. What if the system isn’t behaving as planned, or your people aren’t sticking to OH&S guidelines.

So much of business is about managing the what ifs. This can be expensive if you have to plan and pre-empt every contingency in advance.

Having sensors, cameras or controllers in your business or the field is great. But you also need to be able to link that to a solution that allows you to do something valuable with that information.

Our Solution: Pairing ServiceNow with AWS

We work with technology partners to integrate leading edge technology to see and capture real time data. This can be from sensors or cameras. This is then analysed to see if it requires action, an alert or reporting. This can be based on rules, that provide a predetermined response, or it can be an action if something is out of the ordinary and doesn’t fit with the normal pattern of things.

By integrating IoT solutions into ServiceNow, you not only have visibility of what’s happening, but you can bring that data back into your business and action it meaningfully and automatically.


Raising an alert if a fridge drops below critical temperature for the vaccine it’s storing. No need to rely on a person to watch – instead automatically raise the issue, send an immediate alert and integrate the review, investigation, outcome management and reporting back into ServiceNow

Reprioritising field workers based on up to the minute sensor based feedback around your assets.

Integrating live fleet telemetry data into fleet scheduling and maintenance management in ServiceNow

Capturing field data from a sensor network such as environmental monitoring and providing summarised data reporting, real time alerting and field work dispatch dependant on sensor readings.

Automate tasks from a simple phone call.

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IoT and Analytics


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