Compliance and Risk

Meet compliance and risk regulations in your organisation


Question: How does your business manage compliance and risk?

CCTV Icon - IOT AnalyticsGetting the balance between productivity, flexibility and security controls is a major challenge for many organisations.  An environment that guarantees security is often very restrictive and can drive down user productivity, flexibility and innovation.

In addition, the best security devices, solutions and protocols available are only useful if they are working properly, permanently and globally.  Many organisations struggle to quickly remediate security and compliance issues when they do occur.

Our Solution? Simplify digital risk management process with Nexthink.

Nexthink delivered by Entrago simplifies digital risk management, by providing a single platform to monitor and manage compliance, to improve employee security awareness and to handle breaches when they occur.

It manages endpoints in real-time, maintains system performance and focusses on end-user satisfaction throughout.  Nexthink provides a solution that is:

  • Independent: retrieve real relevant information from the endpoint state from a trusted source
  • Continuous: validate controls on the endpoints, all the time.
  • Holistic: more relevant than a sampling approach, all endpoints are in scope
  • Historical: high-level trend of indicators
  • Centralised: a single place to retrieve endpoint information
  • Unified: a single view to fix compliance issues

In general risk management uses a progressive framework to prevent, protect, detect and respond to risks.  Most security solutions only focus in one of these areas, while Nexthink provides oversight and clarity for all of them, improving prevention, protection, detection and response.

A Nexthink solution provides:

  • Reduced risk exposure
  • Decreased time and effort remediating issues
  • Identify Shadow IT
  • Manage uncontrolled behaviours
  • Fast targeted approach when an incident does occur

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