Planets align for a Vaccine management solution developed in Australia

by | Dec 1, 2020 | News

Overnight success comes after years of hard work.  Or, in our case, from years of building development expertise.

Proudly Australian owned, entrago has built a robust COVID vaccine management solution from a combination of experience, partnerships and great teamwork. This solution will support our state and territory governments and health services in rapid and efficient delivery and management of COVID vaccines. 

HostpitalOnDuty + Vaccine is a combination of new and existing solutions we have developed and implemented over the last 2 years. Staff with previous health experience and agile development skills have delivered a solution powered by ServiceNow at just the right time.

It all started with the visionary leadership of Michael Berndt bringing AWS Connect as a platform into Queensland Health. This started our staff on the journey of seeing where voice interfaces can be used effectively within a clinical environment. Since then, we have been experimenting with the use of different interfaces like AWS Connect, Alexa and even AWS Sumerians to engage and automate at scale.

With the latest release of ServiceNow Platform, the Integration Hub product has brought in IoT monitoring, has enabled incorporation of cold chain management which is an essential part of effective vaccine delivery.

Getting the vaccine to the clinic is one thing, managing the delivery of the vaccine to the population in a controlled, purposeful way is another. The supply chain mechanism is key to managing vaccine delivery. Entrago worked with Royal Flying Doctor Service to repurpose the ServiceNow asset management and stock room capability to provide a solution to manage Medical Chests.

entrago‚Äôs partnership with In2Health amplifies our clinical experience, understanding of the Australian healthcare system and of  health application development, with potential to improve population health. This was essential in understanding how to get the vaccine to the right people at the right time.

From the start of the COVID crisis, entrago has been working with In2Health developing COVID based health assessment solutions and providing them to the market freely as part of our community service initiative. This capability has been extended to now efficiently prioritise and manage clinic bookings to ensure that the vaccine gets to the right people at the right time.

Collaboration with Clinicians and the team at South West Alliance of Rural Health (SWARH) has provided us with an understanding that the COVID solutions we have developed needed to be focussed on the factors that drove process efficiency.

Scale, automation and thinking outside the box become key drivers to success for the Clinicians and staff will engage with the readily available technology in a new and exciting way.

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