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Digital transformation simplified

Part 1 – Using ServiceNow to drive a culture of digital innovation Every organisation you talk to these days talks about digital transformation.  Everyone from the CEO down is hanging their hat on digital transformation to make their service better, to make their staff happier, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.…

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Frankenstein IT

So you are about to merge with another organisation… When businesses merge there is often a lot of talk about ‘synergy’ and the cost benefits that can be gained from shared systems and streamlined work practices.  The unfortunate reality is a lot different. Frankenstein IT is where there are bits…

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entrago turns one!

One year ago today, entrago was launched by Cameron Douglas-Savage. When the company started it was just Cameron, but quickly grew to a team of three. After a few more hires, the company moved into Plumridge House in Fortitude Valley, where it was conveniently located right next to a cafe.…

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Getting a new MSA?

The homework you need to do before you outsource your IT (or sign a new agreement). As a consultant, I get to meet a range of customers who often think they have a unique problem. Then I explain to them that actually it is quite a common problem and that a…

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Orchestration is the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of computer systems, middleware, and services.  In other words, it’s about automation. One of the common orchestrations we at entrago have implemented is the Add New User process.  In simple terms the process works like this: The requestor completes a form to…

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Automated Test Framework

ServiceNow introduced the Automated Test Framework (ATF) in part to simplify their own comprehensive testing which is required for every ServiceNow upgrade.   At entrago, we recommend that you utilise ATF as you are building new forms and applications as you can quickly tell that any changes are working as…

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