Self care for your IT Department

by | May 27, 2019 | Features

Is your IT department pouring from an empty cup?

Every IT department has a heap of things on their to do list.  But many are so spent from what they have already done, that their ability to continue to lift their game, embrace new opportunities and continue to make the quantum changes that their users and their leaders expect, is severely constrained.  

You cannot pour from an empty cup.  Yet plenty of IT departments try to do just that.

Every IT department has a long list of new functions, new features, new solutions, new hardware and new ideas that they are being expected to deliver.  Like a caregiver who is always being asked to provide support for other people, sometimes IT departments need a little self care.

Stepping back and taking stock of internal IT strategy, approach, processes and performance can often reset the focus for IT.  Often the frustration and fatigue experienced within IT is because every effort is made to meet the growing needs of the client and of the broader business.  But remediating core IT processes, getting foundational data squared away and properly sequencing your maturity development plan keeps getting postponed.

A good way to reset is to do a quick review of your IT business.  Compare it to industry practice and get a clear roadmap to resolve some of those internal improvements that are hamstringing your business.

 This roadmap should be able to not only identify what needs to be sorted, but also give you the business case that justifies the spend.

So if your IT business is feeling like it doesn’t have the extra gears needed to deliver on everything you need for next year, maybe it is time to talk to entrago about doing an IT business services review.  This will set you a roadmap for how to make your IT systems more efficient, more effective and allow you team to catch its breath.

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