ServiceNow: What does ‘Out of the Box’ mean?

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Features

As we wrap up another ServiceNow ITSM and Service Catalog implementation, we thought it timely to review just what we mean when we say “out-of-the-box” or OOB.  Many of our customer implementations are OOB to ensure that the six, monthly ServiceNow releases don’t break key business applications and remain supportable.

But does that mean that you can just turn it on and start working on ServiceNow? In short…. No!

Let’s review what you need as a business to provide or consider as part of your OOB ServiceNow implementation with entrago:

1. Users

You will need to integrate your active directory or single sign-on so your user access to ServiceNow is automated, as it would be for most of your other business applications.  We recommend having a standard set of test users defined right from the start which can be used to test forms, functions and business rules.

2. Groups

Once you have your users sorted out, they need to be put into groups for all those who require roles as “fulfillers.”  In other words, all those people who get work assigned to them within the tool. 

3. Roles

While most roles are allocated users via groups, there are some users who also get assigned a role directly.  One example is the CAB Manager role. The roles you require will relate to the applications you have configured.

4. Knowledge

A good knowledge base is well structured and has articles for the most commonly asked questions.  Decisions need to be made about which knowledge bases, who owns and administers these, and what knowledge templates are in place for consistency of content.

5. Colours and branding

You’ll need to provide all the colours and branding (Hero photos) you would like to have to brand the ServiceNow instance as your own.  You can also have your own icons to further brand your service portal and it’s catalog items.

6. Catalog items

The items which you select in the service portal need to have been defined and ideally link back to the set of products your asset management team have pre-approved.  Would you just say I want a laptop and then end up supporting 30 different types? 

If you take that a step further, you can have a standard set of software, hardware and access provided to new users all available via the service portal.

7. Change calculators

Most companies run the change management process by utilising the level of risk, but the OOB risk level needs to be set manually.  It’s worth investing some time into developing a risk calculator which aligns with your company’s risk profile.

8. Mobility

ServiceNow can be available on mobile which provides functionality and convenience out in the field, and as we go about our busy lives. 

ServiceNow has some inbuilt applications such as for Field Service Management, and additional applications can be built according to your specifications.  An example of a mobile application could be as specific as Emergency changes which require approval after hours for one specific group or category.

9. Emails

As soon as you go live, your customers and ITIL users will get emails from ServiceNow, and some of them will get lots of emails.  While ServiceNow comes with over 200 different email types, they are really a demonstration of the types of emails you can have, and don’t have a consistent look and feel.  It’s worth putting in some effort to ensure the messages you are sending out of ServiceNow have a consistent message and which aligns with your branding.

10. Baseline product

So we prefer the term “baseline product” to OOB, which needs a level of input from the key stakeholders in your business.  The more decisions you make as a business up front about how you want ServiceNow to look and function, the faster the build will be, and the sooner you will get immense value out of ServiceNow.

Thinking about a new ServiceNow implementation? Talk to us how we can help to get the most out of the baseline product. At entrago, we ensure that we can continue to build layers of additional functionality that can grow as your business does.

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