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by | May 20, 2019 | Features

Part 1 – Using ServiceNow to drive a culture of digital innovation

Every organisation you talk to these days talks about digital transformation.  Everyone from the CEO down is hanging their hat on digital transformation to make their service better, to make their staff happier, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  But many organisations struggle to convert that desire into something that is real, tangible, affordable and sustainable.

Some organisations look to a mega project or a program of works that sees lots of changes planned out and committed to in advance.  While others struggle to get past concepts heard about in boardrooms, airport lounges, articles and sales pitches.

For those organisations which are actually doing digital transformation in a meaningful way there are a number of key attributes that they all seem to share.  Some of these appear straight forward, but it is useful to recap:

  • They start.  While this seems obvious, many organisations get lost trying to plan perfection and getting everyone to agree before they start.  They focus on getting lots of feedback and engaging with stakeholders and prioritising their long list of ideas. Those that succeed, start.  Yes, engage with Stakeholders, but don’t try and sell them the world. Start with a small, incremental change and focus on getting it done. Pick one app, one form, one process, one problem and then start.
  • They know they aren’t perfect.  No change and no solution will be perfect.  Acknowledge that and don’t try to make it perfect.  It just needs to be better than the old way and deliver an incremental improvement and a positive return on investment.
  • They build a culture of success.  Culture has many facets and requires time and focus to develop and maintain.  Key elements for a culture of success include having delegated responsibility – people need to be clear about what is expected and they have to own it.  There needs to be space to fail – no one and nothing works to plan every time. So don’t over invest, fail and learn fast and support your people throughout.
  • They build a team.  Innovation is a team sport and disruption requires innovation.  In a modern workplace the team can be virtual and can, and probably should, include key partners, especially during the early stages.  
  • Learn as they go.  They don’t try and get everything perfect before they start.  They have a go, they improvise, they learn and correct as they go.  Yes, this one is a summary of the points above.
  • They rinse and repeat. They don’t do it once and stop.  They learn and do it again. And again.  Because disruption is not a simple journey.  It is lots of little steps taken one after the other.  This allows for the culture to build and for the success to breed more success and pretty soon, your team has earned the right to start tackling the bigger, harder and more complex problems.  But you have to earn your right to that.

ServiceNow is built to be a digital transformation engine.  The ability to easily deliver new functionality quickly, repeatedly and to a high standard is unprecedented.  Many organisations completely miss this huge opportunity to take what they already have and make it into the thing that improves external customer experience, improves internal experience, improves service delivery, automates workflows, operates securely, is natively mobile, is easy to develop on, is highly flexible and delivers sustainable solutions.

Use ServiceNow to demonstrate success quickly

Using ServiceNow means that you can move quickly, deliver in manageable chunks and demonstrate success quickly.  This is absolutely key to any successful transformation. This can be using out of the box functionality – there is so much functionality there that you probably paying for and not using.  Or you can develop something – using the ever improving Now platform (now with native mobility app development), you can custom build amazing apps, often with minimal coding.

Using an experienced partner to help you get going can not only give you the confidence you need, but can greatly reduce the risk.  An experienced team that can partner with your team brings knowledge, capability, experience and confidence. They can often help get you started and build your internal capability.  So if you need to look at ways to drive more digital transformation easily and using tools that you already have, call us at entrago. We have done this before and we can show you how to tackle the beast of digital transformation.

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