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Getting your I.T. business in order

I.T. is an enabler.

Information Technology enables the delivery of business services. I.T. has become critical in the management of the entire organisation’s strategic direction. Technology is becoming ever more complex and expectations are growing at an ever-increasing pace.

A company’s I.T. department are responsible for driving internal improvements as well as maintaining current business operations. Often I.T. departments become so focused on delivering new products, services, websites, apps, etc. that they lack time to review their own processes and direction. 

Every I.T. department needs to take a breath regularly, and look at its own core I.T. services provision. It needs to examine its internal processes and systems to make sure that they are set up to be able to continue to build and deliver the wider business needs.

Get an IT Business Service Review

Making sure that the I.T. business aligns with the direction of the organisation as a whole is critical to being able to continue to deliver. The best way that I.T. has of being able to meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders, is to ensure internal processes and systems are set up to allow maximum value to be delivered.


An IT business service review includes:

Interviews with key stakeholders and executive meetings

Deep dive into your Service management, including your ServiceNow instance

Review of other IT service management tools

Review of process documentation, ideally through your Knowledge Base

We can provide a general I.T. business service review which can be delivered across a five-week engagement.

This includes a detailed maturity assessment, assessment of business vision and presentation of a suggested roadmap. This summarises the state of health of your IT processes and suggestions on how you could look to improve performance within your IT business.

We can work with you to get your strategic alignment clearly understood and documented. This can be a high order strategy, implementation plan or roadmap through to detailed design where required.

Getting a clear understanding of the strategic direction, assessing current maturity and establishing the capability development framework and building a robust roadmap for business can be pivotal to making the step change needed to be improve efficiency, get ahead of the curve and get in front of the business growth that it needs.

Set up an IT business service review now!

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