Brisbane Cycling Club

Brisbane Cycling Club

The Brisbane Cycling Club (BNECC) race team is an East Brisbane-based club focused on providing support for all members who have a passion for all things cycling and racing.

Established in 2018, the Brisbane Cycling Club (BNECC) Race Team provides an opportunity for club members of all levels to experience a team environment where they can develop their race craft, fitness and love of the sport. The BNECC supports over 180 club members and focuses on events that cater for Men’s Elite B/C/Masters and Women’s B/C/D grade riders.

The concept of a club-based race team is a relatively new concept in Queensland where club members, regardless of what grade they race, can be part of a well-supported team.

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Racing Culture

BNECC maintains a culture and people to make the racing club a great success, and also enhance what is already a great racing culture in the club with the following offerings:

  • A supportive team environment led by the race team leadership group;
  • Access to experienced coaches and racers;
  • Progression and development in racing skills, confidence and fitness through participation in a variety of local and open events; and
  • Race planning/logistics support.

From its humble beginnings as a small group of riders who enjoy a ride and a coffee stop regularly and see the benefits of formalizing a loose alliance affiliated with the competitive cycling governing body (Cycling Queensland), BNECC has grown to be a friendly and gender inclusive racing club, with a focus on engaging members’ passion for all things cycling.